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Introduction to the Realm SDK for Android

Learn how to use the Realm SDK with Android.

Introducing a New MongoDB Aggregations Book

Learn more about our newest book, Practical MongoDB Aggregations, by Paul Done.

Build a RESTful API with Flask, MongoDB, and Python

Build a RESTful API with Flask, MongoDB, and Python

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Realm Triggers Treats and Tricks - Auto Increment a Running ID Field

In this article, we will explore a trick that lets us auto increment a running ID using a trigger.


Ep. 60 Securing MongoDB using Authorization and Authentication with Matt Javaly

Enabling access control on a MongoDB deployment enforces authentication, requiring users to identify themselves. When accessing a MongoDB deployment that has access control enabled, users can only perform actions as determined by their roles. In this episode, we're joined by Matt Javaly [], Curriculum Software Engineer at MongoDB University who talks to us about Authentication and Authorization and about a brand new course he created that shows developers how to secure MongoDB using access and auth. For more information about this course, visit MongoDB University [].


New Realm Data Types: Dictionaries/Maps, Sets, Mixed, and UUIDs

Four new data types in the Realm Mobile Database - Dictionaries, Mixed, Sets, and UUIDs - make it simple to model flexible data in Realm.


Realm Data Types

Review of existing and supported Realm Data Types for the different SDKs.


Realm Meetup - Realm Kotlin Multiplatform for modern mobile apps

In this talk, Claus Rørbech, software engineer on the Realm Android team, will walk us through some of the constraints of the RealmJava SDK, the thought process that went into the decision to build a new SDK for Kotlin, the benefits developers will be able to leverage with the new APIs, and how the RealmKotlin SDK will evolve.


Realm Meetup - SwiftUI Testing and Realm with Projections

Jason Flax, Lead iOS Engineer, makes a return to explain how the testing landscape has changed for iOS apps using the new SwiftUI framework. Learn how to write unit tests with SwiftUI apps powered by Realm, where to put your business logic with either ViewModels or in an app following powered by Model-View-Intent, and witness the power of Realm's new Projection feature.


How to Get MongoDB Data into Parquet in 10 seconds or Less

Learn how to transform MongoDB data to Parquet with Atlas Data Lake.


Introduction to MongoDB Realm Sync for Android

Learn how to use MongoDB Realm Sync with Android.


Ep. 59 Automating Database Management Part 3 - Schema Suggestions with Julia Oppenheim

Today, we are joined by Julia Oppenheim [], Associate Product Manager at MongoDB. Julia chats with us and shares details of a set of features within MongoDB Atlas [] designed to help developers improve the design of their schemas to avoid common anti-patterns []. 


Exploring the PHP Driver with Jeremy Mikola - Podcast Episode

Jeremy Mikola is a Senior Software Engineer at MongoDB and helps maintain the MongoDB PHP Driver and Extension. In this episode of the podcast, Jesse Hall and Michael Lynn sit down with Jeremy to talk about the PHP Driver and some of the history of PHP and MongoDB.


Realm Meetup - Easy Realm JWT Authentication with CosyncJWT

This meetup talk will focus on the benefits of JWT authentication and how to easily implement CosyncJWT within a Realm application.


How to Use Custom Archival Rules and Partitioning on MongoDB Atlas Online Archive

So you've set up a simple MongoDB Atlas Online Archive, and now you might be wondering, "What's next?" In this post, we will cover some more advanced Online Archive use cases, including setting up custom archival rules and how to improve query performance through partitioning.

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