Why include an OLD course configuration "m034" when the vagrant provision fails


Within the following thre chapters of the “M310: MongoDB Security” course you reference an old course “m034”:

Chapter 1: Authentication

Chapter 1: Authentication
LDAP Authorization Setup

Chapter 1: Authentication
LDAP Authorization Miscellaneous

When you try to provision these virtual machines via vagrant, the “ldap” fails to find the associated entries within the “Vagrantfile”

config.vm.box = “CentoOS 6.4”
config.vm.box_url = “http://puppet-vagrant-boxes.puppetlabs.com/centos-64-x64-vbox4210-nocm.box

See error below:

Please forgive me for this, however would it not be prudent to update non relevant material to the course or remove completely?

On a plus, it is good to be able to follow the lectures as is.


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At no point were you instructed to provision the M034 boxes. The training vids may show old content but all labs revolve around the new stuff.

You definitely deserve a virtual cookie for thinking outside the box and managing to grab the old files :slight_smile:

The issue here is with python version.That’s why provision is failing. Anyone with a solution here?

Btw, i think John is right. These handouts should get updated or at least provisioning should happening on specific version of software in order to be always available no matter of the date you provision it. Having a handout during video watching it’s important for student to learn better the topic.

@ Nikolaos_44730

I just downloaded the provisioning setups for both infrastructure and database and they work fine with no errors. Unfortunately, your screenshot is both dark and multi-colored, so I can’t really tell what you’re trying to do here.

Nevertheless, if you think you have an issue, use the “Report an issue” tab to tell the curriculum team about it. And, if you are having a problem that you cannot solve, please create a new post with more details – and not a multicolor, black-background screenshot. Thanks.

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Thanks for the tips David. I will so next time. I think you misunderstood me, the issue i faced was with m034.zip provision files. Both Database and Infrastructure Vagrant provision works fine for me.

The aforementioned zip file can be found at Chapter 1: Authentication LDAP Authorization Introduction. Did you tried recently the m034?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used ubuntu in order to make it work btw.

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@ Nikolaos_44730

Nope – wasn’t me. :thinking:

Actually, I think this is a real goof on someone’s part, and I would strongly recommend that you report it. To the best of my memory, M034 was an old course that has been discontinued. Maybe someone on the curriculum team dropped this in there, thinking that it was OK?? Anyway, glad you got past it. :wink:

You are correct. However I also recall either M103 or M301 actually using stuff from the old training for at least one demo.