What is happening to .NET support?

It has been very quiet lately when it comes to .NET support. What is going on?

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My concern also @Void. It seems Mongo moved the Realm .NET people to other areas. They have an ad somewhere for .NET people, but it’s hardly reassuring they would replace experienced people with inexperienced people.

Doesn’t look like the Mongo acquisition was good news for Realm.NET. It doesn’t seem Mongo have much in the way of .NET expertise … or interest.

@Nikola_Irinchev has been active on the repo for the .NET SDK lately. That’s good news. His help was invaluable in getting us going with Realm.NET.

Hi Folks – We’re working on getting a .NET SDK released for MongoDB Realm. We now have an engineer who will be working on .NET full time (before it was a shared responsibility) and are building out a team to ensure that we can commit to quality support when we release.