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Welcome to the Community Speaker Program

Hello future speakers,

Today we launched the Community Speaker Program. This program is designed to help build opportunity and visibility for MongoDB community members who are interested in speaking at events and user groups about MongoDB technologies. We’re putting together a ton of resources to help new and seasoned community speakers succeed including finding the right event and topic, creating stunning slides with our template, and surviving a Q&A session.

These are our resource pages:

Additionally we offer speaker coaching for you and help craft your conference abstract.

If you already have a talk in mind and it’s around MongoDB, you can apply here. Check out the speaker program today and let us help you build your public speaking skills.

Tell us what you think and how we can support you even more in the comments below.



These are all very welcome.

I already tried to get some promotional items, pen, mugs or small notepads for a small presentation I made in Montreal but I could not. I was in contact with a MongoDB Customer Success Manager from Austin, TX but we could not do it. Having a little online store where we could get acquire some swag to distribute to the audience will be nice. I was willing to pay for the items as it would have shown our seriousness about our implication with MongoDB.

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I had a similar experience with a training I did setup for an IT last-year tech school class.
(for thoses who are familiar with the German schoolsystem: Gymnasium 11. Klasse, IT Leistungskurs, freiwillige Ergänzung, nicht prüfungsrelevant)


We hear you on this. Getting SWAG to our speakers and community champions is on our roadmap.