Valuable (X509) information missing in this course

Though I have completed this course, I felt like coming back to make a comment that I had only thought about without writing it when I first saw the lecture.

In the video: Enabling X.509

The narrator says at time 0:35 :

“I went ahead and for the purpose of this demonstration I’ve already created my certificate files”

The files being the X509 certificates: ca.pem, client.pem and server.pem.

While this may be convenient on the short term, to have these file miraculously appear. As a student it would be very useful to know how to properly create those certificates.

Now that I am trying to make use of the knowledge I got in this interesting course. I am facing here exactly this issue:
I don’t know how to correctly create all the X509 certificates I need for mongodb

Hi @Michel_Bouchet,

We understand that the current course has certain gaps in its content and we are already working on revamping this course.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts in several threads!! We are trying to capture much relevant feedback from our learners in this process.

While we update the course, it is highly recommended to look into our documentation. I found this link that can be useful for you:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the reply. I found a solution in the meanwhile. But it would be good to include the information in one of the lectures. Or maybe even one lecture for that: “How to use openssl to create the necessary certificates?”