Validation code format

Hi fellow students,
I have completed homework 1.3 with X.509 authentication fully enabled. My validation code output the required JSON object with unauthorizedStatus and memberStatuses list of 3 members, however, when I submit my answer (JSON object), I receive incorrect answer message.
Now, with X.509 authentication enabled on root and admin, I can login and logout and show dbs, rs.status(), rs.isMaster(), etc using my client certicate.
What is wrong with my answer format?
is the submit format a JSON object or list of members of the JSON object?


If I remember correctly it is the JSON object.


The answer should be input in JSON format. Also see the note in the Lab setup that says

Note: If you've successfully enabled authentication on the replica set, then the validation script should output a JSON object with two keys: unauthorizedStatus and memberStatuses. The first key confirms that authentication is enabled, and the second verifies that all members are still up and running