Hello, everyone. I am trying to validate ( M310:MongoDB Security Homework 1.2 and I got the following message:

I have followed all steps. Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advanced.

What issue you are facing?

Your lab would have mentioned this

Note: If you’ve successfully enabled authentication on the replica set, then the validation script should output a JSON object with two keys: unauthorizedStatus and memberStatuses. The first key confirms that authentication is enabled, and the second verifies that all members are still up and running.

Did you enter output into answer box?

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I did not because I saw that the error says not authorized (I think it has to be authorized)… I do not want to fail this lab.


You have 3 attempts.You can take the risk
How many attempts you have exhausted?

Hello, Ramachandra. I was able to successfully complete the lab in the first attempt.


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