Vagrant vm infrastructure not created

when I run vagrant up the result is that vm infrastructure not 37

@arw3n, what’s the message log?

@arw3n, try and redo the infrastructure machine:
vagrant destroy infrastructure
vagrant up infrastructure
vagrant provision infrastructure

thanks @007_jb

I’m getting the same issues… I have no idea what to do next…

-vagrant up infrastructure

-vagrant provision infrastructure

Silly question but did you definitely destroy the machine before running vagrant up? Must destroy before building :slight_smile:

yeap… I did exactly what you told me…

destroy, up and provision…

It appears that it’s trying to download from cache instead of reaching out to the url. Most likely you’re firewall is blocking this request. Try disabling your firewall (if it’s not a work machine) and re-run the steps again.

@007_jb thanks… the firewall was the issue.