Vagrant /vbox insatllation under MacOs Big Sur

Installing vagrant environment on MacOs Big Sur is a real pain…a nightmare and possibly is a much harder task than completing the course itself :slight_smile:
It required some Unix/Linux knowlegde, VBox experience and a couple of hints However I have found a way to have the setup running.
You have to take care of installing some kernel modules together with VBoxAdditional iso image and some tweak in mouting the shared folder.
Also be aware that VBox 6.0.x does not work well in Big Sur (at least in my installation)
If someone needs help please ask I might have some suggestion !



I got the same environment as you do, which means MacOs Big Sur 11.1.
I was not able to install correctly the environment as you did for the same reasons as you wrote.
If you have any suggestion to give me, I will appreciate.




does it happen that you are italian as well?
My memories are a bit faded away but:

  • First thing you have to use VBox Version 6.1.16. It’s the only compatibile version.
  • Also you need this file: It’s a ISO file that you have to mount inside the box in order to install missing features

Then you have to modify the Vagrant file and the provision-database file or install the missing features of OS.
If you cannot do it I might pack my environment and upload un for download …not sure it might work immediately but it is a good start.

Let me know !