"vagrant up" -> 2-hour download

Is this normal on a cable connection? vagrant wants to download a 427 MB image, estimated time about an hour and a half. I will maintain patience, go to bed and check in the morning.

Ah, that '90s system-update-over-modem feeling… :wink:

$ vagrant up
Bringing machine ‘database’ up with ‘virtualbox’ provider…
Bringing machine ‘infrastructure’ up with ‘virtualbox’ provider…
==> database: Box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ could not be found. Attempting to find and install…
database: Box Provider: virtualbox
database: Box Version: >= 0
==> database: Loading metadata for box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’
database: URL: https://vagrantcloud.com/ubuntu/trusty64
==> database: Adding box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ (v20181031.0.1) for provider: virtualbox
database: Downloading: https://vagrantcloud.com/ubuntu/boxes/trusty64/versions/20181031.0.1/providers/virtualbox.box
==> database: Box download is resuming from prior download progress
database: Download redirected to host: cloud-images.ubuntu.com

It seems that the CDN used by various parties can be a bit hit-or-miss. If you’re unlucky and there’s no download server close to you, then you may be stuck with dismal speeds.

Woke up faced with errors from the vagrant up process. Figured out the versioning and incompatible libraries issues. At this point, I was able to run ‘vagrant up’ without error and it downloaded the centos image for infrastructure at 50x the speed I saw last night.

After 45 minutes of an unusable computer… Literally, mouse control choppy, many events dropped, cursor was sort of oozing across the screen if it moved at all, response delayed on the order of 10s of seconds if not minutes. I’ve had instances of Thunderbird and Chrome eating my computer before to the point of hard reset, but nothing like this.

FYI, I’m running a Dell Latitude E6410, Core i5 M540, 4 GB RAM.

Docker would be a less hungry platform for not-so-modern computers…

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Wow, those are some bad symptoms! I’m sorry to hear that Charles!

I mean, depending on the host OS and the other things you’re running your system should still be okay with running a VM or two through VirtualBox. Then again, 4 gigs of RAM really is cutting things close these days. My MBA with 8GB can run my host OS, a browser with a bunch of tabs and four VMs (AD DC and three Linux boxen) without much troubles. If possible, I’d suggest upgrading the RAM in that thing.

I’ve just verified… The “database” VM gets 1GB of RAM, while the “infrastructure” VM get’s 512MB. These are very minimal VMs. Assuming that your host OS takes 2GB of RAM, that should leave a tiny bit of wiggleroom between the two VMs and the other stuff you run. But yeah, expect a lot of thrashing on your disk :confused: