Vagrant error plungin

i had already install vagrant for another course and the for the m310, i run
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest and i have this error :

Bundler, the underlying system Vagrant uses to install plugins,

reported an error. The error is shown below. These errors are usually

caused by misconfigured plugin installations or transient network

issues. The error from Bundler is:

Unable to resolve dependency: user requested ‘vaggrant-vbguest (> 0)’

Hi ajulio4,

Be sure to create a new directory for the VMs for this class.

The message indicates it could be cause by network issue - have you just tried rerunning ?

A couple suggestions after a google search of the error:

The following will attempt to automatically repair

vagrant plugin repair

If that doesn’t help this will attempt to clean up and re-install the plugin

vagrant plugin expunge --reinstall

This will show you what plugins are installed

vagrant plugin list

Give those a try - if you have still have issues, please provide additional detail information

  • Host system
  • Vagrant version
  • VirtualBox version

Hope that helps