Vagrant environment / Homework 1.1 : Enable SCRAM-SHA-1

When working on the Homework 1.1 : Enable SCRAM-SHA-1;
I seem to be having issues with the Vagrant environment.

  • First point, I am able to run those three commands; though after some trouble installing the Vagrant environment.

—> $ cd m310-vagrant-env

—> $ vagrant up

—> $ vagrant ssh database

  • Second point, how do I check that everything is all right?
    For example I can’t run any of those three commands. Is that normal?

    —> $ mongo

    —> $ mongo -u alice -p secret

    —> $ mongo -u alice -p secret -authenticationDatabase admin

If you are able to ssh to database box the commands should work
prompt will look something like vagrant@database:~$
What errors are you getting?Screenshots will help

To connect with mongo first your mongod should be up and running

mongo will connect to default mongod instance provided it is up and running mongo -u alice -p secret will connect to default mongod assuming you created the user
$ mongo -u alice -p secret -authenticationDatabase admin will connect to default mongod running with auth enabled