Unrecognized option in security section

i was creating a config file inside vagrant database box.

  authorization: enabled
    servers: "infrastructure.m310.mongodb.university"
      queryTemplate: "{USER}?memberOf?base"
    userToDNMapping: '[{ match: "(.+)",substitution: "uid={0},ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com"}]'
    transportSecurity: none
      method: simple

it is showing
Unrecognized option: security.ldap.auth.queryTemplate
Unrecognized option: security.ldap.bind.method
Unrecognized option: security.ldap.userToDNMapping

almost all security options .

anyone faced same issue ?
@kanikasingla can you help me with this . as its last day to finish this task.

The parameter should be authz instead of auth.

Please look the following documentation for more information.



i used authz. still same error.

Isn’t this supposed to be setup on infrastructure ? Bear with me on this one, as my vagrant is starting up.


on infrastructure openLDAP needs to be configured. on database mongodb replica set needs to be configured.

Hi @gotam,

Got your point. There are some modifications that are required in your node configuration. Please check the message in discussion forum and let me know if it helps.


yes , thanks . prior to 3.4 we should use saslauthd proxy which dont need server.ldap . my bad , i didnt pay attention to the theory part of ldap.

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