Unable to insert into movieScratch

My U/I is different from the U/I in the video. I’m on Compass version 1.21.2. It consistently says “insert not permitted while document contains errors”

Please post screenshot when you are trying to insert. Since the error is

we cannot help without seeing the document with the error.

Use quotes for title and try

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Please use List option or if you are using JSON option,do use curly braces.
The error which you are getting has nothing to do with your Compass Version.

Hi @JR_Burnham,

I hope you found @Ramachandra_37567’s and @Bhupender_Singh’s response helpful.

If you are still facing any issues then please let us know.

~ Shubham

Just confirming that I had issues too. Interface is different than video now. So that’s confusing.

You have to click the json brackets indeed and then start.

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Hi @Kasper_N_A,

Yeah, the interface of Compass has changed since the time of the recording of the video lectures.

We are releasing a new version of M001 course on September 29th.

~ Shubham

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