Unable to create the user HW 1.3

For course 310 homework 1.3
started the mongod process with x509 certificate

Conneted thru mongo:

Now trying to create the very first user (localhost exception)

Getting Error:

2019-11-14T10:16:11.391+0000 E QUERY [thread1] Error: couldn’t add user: not master :

Seeking your help

@NIJAGUNADEVA_26378 please edit your post and remove the config and createUser command you posted. We’re not at liberty to share potential answers to labs or exams as this will ruin the experience for other students.

As the prompt above denotes and as the error message states, “not master”, meaning you’re not in the master/primary node of your replica set.

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Thanks, Let me check on this.

No problem! Let me know :+1: