Ticket: Connection Mflix app screen is blank

All conection tests for the ticket run on execution of the test command given. However, once I run the applicaiton using npm start, I receive several errors for the GET requests and the page is blank. Inspecting it using dev tools shows some elements have rendered but nothing is displayed on the webpage itself probably due to the GET request errors

Is it possible that the API or UI code is broken. I am using the mflix-js files from this link, which is the handout for this section.

I have deleted the files and redownloaded them again then performed the setup from the start and the issue is still not resolved

Hi @Lenny_Gith,

I tested it and it was working for me. Did you run npm install ?

Hmm…Okay. Can you open Javascript console from browser and see if there are any errors? Also, from command line as well.

Lets fix this together. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I did run npm install. I also made the edits to the env file (changed the secret key, DB URI and renamed it). Here are the screenshots from both my js terminal and cli where I run npm start

Also here is a screenshot of the connection tests passing

Can you try clearing cache? as we have updated js/css files as well. Just to be sure.

cc @Shubham_Ranjan


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Thanks. That worked like a charm. I should have thought of that earlier instead of driving myself insane doing random crap. I appreciate the save.

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I am glad it worked :slight_smile: :partying_face: