Thank you MongoDB U!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at MongoDB University for making this course available. I’ve been a student here at MongoDB U on and off for a while now and I have noticed a number of improvements with regards to the available course materials. I love that students now have the option(s) to download both the transcripts along with the actual lectures. Having these options is super helpful (an in more ways than one). I was (semi) off of the grid over the course of the last weekend and my access to wifi was super spotty at times. Being able to download the lectures enabled me to get some extra studying in while traveling. Having the transcripts to read also helps to solidify what is being learning via the tutorials.

The instructors, as has always been the case, are awesome as well.




Thanks a lot for your kind words!
I passed the thanks to our platform team who works hard at making the experience of our students always better!



I would also like to add my thanks. I am taking my 3rd course this week and they are very instructive. Thank you to everybody who has spent their time creating these lessons.


cc @yulia_genkina and @danielcoupal