Template literals

Hi all,

I’m trying to use a template literal to create a multiline string in a Realm function and getting the following error:
http request: “url” argument must be a string

The string is as follows

var url = https://accounts.yyy.com/oauth/v2/token? refresh_token=1000.nnnnnnnnnnaa& client_id=1000.X9T5WJYBKL1ZFQOEGHU3BU3X473A3H& client_secret=2bbdd11& redirect_uri=https://google.com/& grant_type=refresh_token

I am using this URL when posting to an enpoint.
I get http request: “url” argument must be a string

If I create a single line string (no back ticks), I don’t get this error.

The documentation states Realm supports template literals.

Any ideas?