Struggling to complete the lab with IDE

Following is the Lab problem given.

   Launch your own mongod process in the IDE terminal:
   1. From your IDE terminal, launch a mongod instance that listens for connections on port  **27000** .

In the terminal I entered the command ‘mongod --port 27000’ and then run the test.

But getting the result as follows.

   1 total, 0 passed, 0 skipped:
   [FAIL] "The server is running on localhost:27000"
   Hmm… looks like something’s not quite right.
   To correctly launch your mongod instance, fill in these blanks:
   ______ --port _____

Screenshot of the whole IDE please.

Most likely, you entered the command in the wrong area. Verify with the IDE presentation lecture.
Like many other, did not press the [ENTER] key at the end of the command.


Exactly!, Without enter pressed the run test. Thanks for the the reply.