[Solved] Failed in Home work 2.1 CaseSensitive <>Casesensitiv

this question is not easy to ask without spoiler the solution
First i had an real mistake using the wrong Role für the sysadmin
second i got an error because wrong username DBAdmin instead of dbAdmin

but in the third answer everything seemed to be fine.
I doublechecked everything against the solution and it is identical to what the solution says
with one different thing i used database instead of FQDN
but this is not part of the solution string and so this should have no effect
I want to understand what went wrong but if the solution say:
“do what you have done” this is not very helpful.

Can anybody explain me what was going wrong, without posting my solution string or should i do that?

Regards Ralf

Found my error
dataloader instead of dataLoader

so two casesensitive typos killed me

@ Ralf_09970

Glad you found it. Yes, case sensitivity can be a real issue, particularly for camel-cased names.

I did the same thing with a different lab. I used --keyfile instead of --keyFile . Wasted an hour glued to the screen trying to find the error. Then went outside for a walk, came back in and found the case sensitive error in 2 minutes.