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Sharing Realm schema between web and mobile client

Hello, I saw this while reading the tutorial on Mongo Realm Web Tutorial:
“If you are building a mobile application, define the relationship to point to _id instead of user_id .”
Does this mean that I can’t share schema between web and mobile client? Or is that something WIP?


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I want to have a web version of my app and two mobile clients (iOS and Android).

Can anyone clarify if we can share the same schema and data between web and mobile clients?

If we can, what about the _id and user_id fields mentioned in the Weihan_Li’s post?

So is it possible to build both a web client and mobile clients for the same synced Realm database?

I’ve tried the tutorial apps, and it appears the web version and the mobile versions don’t store their data in the same way.

I can see the web version’s data in the collections in my Atlas account, but I can’t find the data that came from the mobile clients. Where is it stored?