not working

After I started vagrant to work on HW-1.6 this morning, this is what I get on the infrastructure VM.

[vagrant@localhost shared] [vagrant@localhost shared] ./
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start slapd.service
Failed to start slapd.service: Unit not found.
sudo: ldapadd: command not found
sudo: ldapadd: command not found
sudo: ldapadd: command not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/vagrant/shared/”, line 4, in
import ldap
ImportError: No module named ldap
[vagrant@localhost shared]$

It was not like that yesterday.
What is going on here? If somebody has a clue please let me know.

Another student facing same issue with infrastructure

The prompt should looks vagrant@infrastructure not @localhost
Did you try stop infrastructure and start or reboot your system

Seems like some interference with openssh

vagrant destroy infrastructure -f
vagrant up infrastructure
You can try with 0 or 1

Some forum suggest use powershell
vagrant uses msys

In some cases if both cygwin and msys is present in your path it will create issues
Search our forum threads

I see. I will try that then.

At which level do you do this?


I have tried a few things but as you mention I always have this prompt:

[vagrant@localhost ~]$

I am working on a Mac Book Air. I did not have this issue before (i.e. until yesterday).

Even after rebooting, the problem is still present.
I do not use (neither have) powershell or cygwin.

This is becoming some kind of a hard issue to solve.
I made a new question (Problem with running, reflecting some progress I did.