Setting up vagrant environment question

Hello, I hope this isn’t obvious. I’m working through setting up the vagrant environment section, of this course. I’ve gotten as far as modifying the advanced system settings for my windows 10 laptop. When I go to verify that both rsync and ssh have successfully installed (i.e. running rsync and ssh in command prompt, I get the error saying that the internal/external command can’t be found.) It works for ssh but not for rsync.

I don’t know if I should just move forward. When i go to this location on my C drive I see both those application files: “C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin”. When I check the MinGW installation manager I’m confident that i’ve installed the right stuff.

Any one encountered this or have any insight on how to proceed? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Have you updated your path?
If yes please open a new terminal and check

Yes in advanced settings I added this to the variable, “C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin”. I opened a new command prompt and ran it again. Same issue

Is your path updated with this new value?
How did you verify?
Please show output of path command from Windows cmd prompt

Please see the images below.

I understand rsync is not working

Please show output of path command

Are you able to run rsync giving full path?

I think you updated user variable
Please update system variable
Verify after updating with path command

Unable to find “Advanced system settings under System Properties and click ‘Environment Variables…’”

Fix this problem (i.e. remove ‘";’), and open a new terminal:

PS: The only difference between User and System env variable is scope. User is specific to the user and System is for everyone on the machine. System will be checked before User.