Self Hosted Realm Object Servers?

Hey, its been a rough day :).

I did install a self hosted realm server on my companies AWS account, since its advertised on realms homepage that this is a option. Thought through a bunch of installation dependency problems only to arrive at the support of realm, that told me that self-hosted instances are no longer supported, and the realm forum points to this one.

So, I did want to choose realm because of its simplicity and ease of use, and BECAUSE it can be self-hosted. My company is dealing almost exclusively with sensitive medical data, so self-hosting is way easier than setting up all needed legal data privacy and protection agreements with realm (or mongo now?). Realm’s support is being unresponsive, so my question is either, “Is it true that self-hosting is not an option anymore at all?” or “Do you have experience with another similar framework if realm/mongo are not offering what I would need?”

Thanks for reading!


Hi @Lukas_Schuster,

Apologies for any confusion. The self-hosted Realm server is currently not an option for new installations, as advised in your discussion with the support team.

If you could clarify the url or reference you came across for self-hosted installation, that would be helpful to make sure it can be corrected.

The currently supported option for cloud sync is the Realm Cloud, which has a 30-day free trial. If you have additional concerns for your data privacy and protection requirements, I would suggest contacting sales instead of support via

Realm’s support is being unresponsive

Do you have a case reference number I can follow up on? Case #5780 appears to have been answered within a few minutes and some subsequent duplicates were merged into this.



@Stennie It should be noted that I also sent an email to 10 days ago (Feb 10, 2020, 12:09 PM) and have not received a response. I’m not sure that email works anymore.

Hey Stennie :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply!
the first link if you enter “realm self hosted”, is this one: and on there there is nothing about deprecation, so its not some burried document, but the main documentation on your site. I hope you can fix this, since it did cost us quite some time now, and does not breed confidence in the company if the official docu is out of date :confused:

Regarding my concerns towards data privacy and protection, they are less concerns than they are simple laws, you cannot, without legal binding contracts and agreements like a DPA be a data processor for another company under current law in most countries, which no matter if realm is setup technically well, and also is willing to sign those contracts, is putting a hurdle on people to use your, really nice and cool, product.

ad my support ticket, yes I got an initial answer, asked another question and then did not hear back for my follow up question.

Since self hosting is something you don’t want to offer, and any contract work usually takes some time & hustle, and we are currently in the prototype phase with a new idea, I am not sure if going with firebase, parse, etc. is maybe a more viable option. I think realm is the better product, but the legal hurdles you put in place for use-cases like ours, are maybe enough reason to exclude you since we cannot do this kind of paperwork for every prototype, and thus it won’t lead us to using it in production. Which I find sad, since I really enjoy the platform.


Unfortunately the link you found leads to an older version of the documentation. If you click on the menu on the left side of that page, the latest documentation at no longer mentions self-hosted installation.

Thanks for sharing how you found the link – I’ve created a docs issue to update older versions of the documentation so the messaging is consistent.

I understand there may be legal requirements to meet where self-hosting is the most straightforward option. There may also be alternatives via dedicated Realm Cloud, but that’s a conversation to have with our sales team.

The current product development focus is as per the public roadmap to MongoDB Realm which will integrate the Realm Cloud with MongoDB Stitch and Atlas. MongoDB Cloud services have enterprise-level security, reliability, and compliance (see: MongoDB Trust Center).


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@Adam_Hass That is the correct email address and you should have received a response by now. I’ll follow up with the team.



Maybe a bit late but what you are looking for is with strapi you are not locked in because it is self hosted.