Repository other than jcenter() to get realm adapters 4.0.0?

With the move to Android Studio 4.2, there is now a warning on builds to move off of jcenter() as a repository. Doing this causes a build failure for me for android-adapters version 4.0.0

What other repository has this other than jcenter()? What is the gradle setup to access it?


@Tad_Frysinger: We have already moved away from jCenter a while back, consider migrating to 10.4.x.

For detailed info, you can check our release log

I have already upgraded to 10.4.0, but for the Realm recyclerview adapter 4.0.0 this is not on mavenCentral(), only jcenter, as far as I can tell.

Btw - here is a screenshot from your docs on 10.4.0 and up, note that it still references jcenter().

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Hi is there an update here? It seems you need to move your 4.0.0 adapters to mavenCentral() as well, correct?

@Tad_Frysinger: Thanks for following up. Yes, team is looking into how quickly they can migrate adapters as well.

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Mohit -

Hi, any update?



@Tad_Frysinger : Sorry for delayed response, I don’t have update on this.

But the team has committed on this and you check progress from

Hi Mohit -

It’s been over three weeks, this is still not resolved. It really is a pain during day-to-day development (I have noticed sometimes after the error occurs and I try again and it seems to build, the build actually has errors requiring me to do a FULL REBUILD after even the most trivial edits to any file that uses Realm).

Can we PLEASE get this escalated and resolved?


Btw - I am more than happy to do a screen share with a Realm developer to show the error occurring and debug it if necessary.