Replica set configuration?

Hi - any idea suggest what can a node with below configuration is capable of? In my opinion, this member cannot become primary, cannot vote and is also a delayed secondary, which is a combination of more than one use mentioned here -
“_id”: 1,
“host”: “”,
“priority”: 0,
“votes”: 0,
“slaveDelay”: 1900

Can we use this node for performing any hot backups? I doubt, as it does not have latest data.
Can we still this node for performing any reads and writes? As its not hidden, this node can used to sync from by other nodes.

Any other clues?


Hi @Shravan,

If you are looking for any production related advice then I would recommend you to ask this question in the community forum or reach out to our support team. This forum is only dedicated to providing support for course related issues.

That being said, here is what I think :

Well, this is not a delayed secondary because it’s not hidden and you should make it hidden. You don’t want your application to read from a delayed node otherwise you would get stale data.

A delayed node should be used for Recovery if something went wrong with your production data. For instance, in case of any human error which resulted in loss of data or some unintended impact.

I suspect this might not happen because all the secondary non-delayed nodes would be more up to date than the delayed node and hence they would not choose it as a sync source.

Ideally, you should not but it also depends on your use case. For instance, if you have IOT based application and you are only interested in the aggregated data over a period of time and you are not interested in the latest data then you might use this node for read. It totally depends on your use case.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham

Thanks for the clarification @Shubham_Ranjan.

If this node cannot be a delayed secondary node as its not hidden. does “slaveDelay” config has any effect on this node? Ignoring “slaveDelay” config, I can see this node is non-voting member of the replica set.