Query hit index is quite slow on one replica set node

hi, I want to report a strange query issue.

we have mongo (3.6.19) replica set. when i query below:

db.scci_detail.find({“cut_commitrepo”: “isource/svnroot/BTS_SC_SYSADAPT_LTE/trunk”,“type”: “sysadapt”,“end”: {"$gte": 1616860800,"$lte": 1616947199}}).explain(‘allPlansExecution’)

on hzcoop02(secondary node): query is very fast.
on hzcoop03(another secondary node): query is very slow!

after inspecting, I find the index bounds are different!
on hzcoop02:
“end” : [
“[1616860800.0, 1616601599.0]”

on hzcoop03:
“end” : [
“[-inf.0, 1616947199.0]”

what causes the difference?

Hi @111393,

Its possible that not the same index is being used in both nodes and maybe the query plan caches are different.

I will need a getIndexes and full excutionStats explain frim both.