Pytest -m connection

Hi, I am getting this error message when i run this command, pytest -m connection. I read through a similiar thread and couldn’t find anything to help me.

thank you

Are you running it from correct directory
Why it is saying inifile:pytest.ini?
You are suppose to rename it to just .ini

you need to activate your virtual env.

Hi @steevej-1495
I am facing the same Issue, but as u suggested to activate virtual env.
I think I already did.

Hi @SwapanDas
I tried updating dnspython, but upgrading didn’t worked for me.

@kanikasingla, @Ajinkya_12068, @007_jb , @steevej-1495 u people seem active on this issue.
Kindly help guys.


Hi @Aamir_Ameen,

Did you run python install -r requirements.txt ?


I’ve been experiencing a similar error. I have installed requirements.txt but every time I run the pytest connection is says that flask_cors is not defined or is not a module

You have to activate the mflix virtual env.

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