Primary and arbiter is down at the same time


We have three node mongo cluster. One primary, one secondary, and an arbiter. The arbiter and primary is done at the same time. How to deal with this situation? How to promote the leftover secondary to primary?


You can reconfigure the replicaset config using force or restart the node without the replicaSet configuration/flags.

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The arbiter is a light weight server and should be able to come up quickly. I would look at the logs of the arbiter to figure out why it’s down and get it back up as that will be your quickest option.

You could force your single secondary to come up as a lone member, but you will then be in more trouble should that server go down while you’re trying to get the replica set back up and running. If this is production, I would not recommend this path.

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I would recommend not to keep Arbiter on Primary or Secondary side , It’s very light weight service you can keep it on any application server if possible for you.