Please revise my answer to final exam question 3

I was surprised to have failed it. I compared the 2 output and this is the result:

: steevej @ asus-laptop ; openssl version
OpenSSL 1.1.1a  20 Nov 2018
: steevej @ asus-laptop ; diff --ignore-space-change 1 2
<                 RSA Public-Key: (2048 bit)
>                 Public-Key: (2048 bit)

May be my version of openssl is the culprit.

Running diff with --ignore-space-change gives a difference at line Signature Algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption . But mine is aligned with the line above and the one below, yours is not. The other diffrence is at line X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:. In my output, there is an extra trailing space.


@ steevej-1495

There is no way for us to go back and revise or resubmit your answer. Sorry.


However, for the future if a recent openssl provides an output that differs from the older versions, the answer validation should take that into account. I am sure I am not alone to keep my openssl up to date. Specially with 1.1.1a because has vulnerability fixes.

@ steevej-1495

I don’t have any facility at this time to test whether your problem is in fact a version problem or something else. However, I’d suggest that you collect as much detail on this as you can and use the “Report an issue” tab to forward that to the curriculum team. If it is a version problem, they’ll take care of it.

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Thanks. I will do that.

  1. I will run the command in the vagrant vm
  2. Check openssl version on this vagrant since I ran openssl from my Arch Linus machine for the final exam.
  3. Downgrade my Arch Linux to vagrant version of openssl
  4. Check the results with the downgraded version
  5. Upgrade vagrant openssl to the most recent version

@ steevej-1495

Sounds like a good plan. I know that if it’s a version issue, the curriculum team will be very grateful for the information. Thanks.