Opening the sandbox cluster - error

Hello everyone! I was following along ok until we added a document from the shell. I then went to check if the movie was added in the collection and when opening the cluster from compass I get this error:

An error occurred while loading navigation: ‘not master and slaveOk=false’: It is recommended to change your read preference in the connection dialog to Primary Preferred or Secondary Preferred or provide a replica set name for a full topology connection.


how can I solve it?

Thank you so much

Provide the full URI, preferably the SRV connection string. Most likely you only specified one of the node of the cluster.


Hi @silvia_rossi,

As @steevej-1495 mentioned, please use srv connection string only.

Most likely, the Primary of the replica set changed and the node that you have specified in the connection string transitioned to a secondary state.

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