Number of requests doesn’t add up

I’ve been playing with Realm, and I noticed that the number of requests you charge for don’t match the activity in the app. Or, I cannot explain how you calculate the number of requests. The documentation on this is straightforward, but, in my mind, the numbers don’t match.

I used your Swift Sync example and run the app and added 10 items. This generated 11 writes (1 group and 10 items).

The number of requests shown is 18.

In the logs, I can see 12 additive changes. 4 connection starts and 3 connection ends. 2 session starts and 2 ends. 1 login. 1 sync other. In total: 36 OK requests.

I understand 11 writes would generate 11 requests. What are the remaining 7 requests?

I didn’t run any functions or triggers. I only launched the app 1 time. In addition to your example code, I also had 2 additional model classes, so 4 model classes/objects in total.


Next day and I can see 19 requests - even though I did not launch the app a single time. Why is that? Is any of the activity related to signing in the admin app generating additional requests?