NuGet and Snappy libraries impact on VCS (GIT)


The dotnet (C#) drivers 2.11 brings supports for Snappy compression.
When the driver is installed from NuGet, this adds 3 content files to the targeted project.
(snappy32.dll, snappy64.dll, libzstd.dll)

As those libraries are defined as content files and not references, they are not copied over the project during a simple NuGet restore.

When working with VCS (GIT, svn, …), it then mandatory to add those files to the repository.

This is really annoying, because one rule of thumb is to avoid pushing binaries to any VCS.

Is there an easy way to workaround this ?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions

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Hello, This impacting gated build check-in failure , its not able to find these but locally its building without any issues

any idea how to proceed further on these?


Hi @Gauthier_Rossion and @Dasari_Sateesh,

It’s been a while since you posted this question, have you found a solution to this ?

I have just tested this with MongoDB.Driver version 2.11.5 (current stable) and it didn’t add those assemblies. Would you be able to confirm that this is the case with current version 2.11.5 ?

If this is still an issue for you could you share a minimal example of package.json that is able to reproduce this issue ? Also could you list where in the project directory would you find those assembly files are in ?