Not able to reply same message to leafybot(system)

I am not able to post message @leafybot display help to leafybot (system), it show below message:

Body is too similar to what you recently posted

Actually first time i have sent this message in between the basic tutorial, after completion of basic tutorial, i am trying to send this message again but it show above alert.

I tried after removing first message but and trying to send again but it show above alert.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @leafybot display help.

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Hi @turivishal

You want to message leafy in a direct message. Seeing leafy replied here you can click their name and send a message as a response.



Hi @turivishal,

Discourse has some built-in checks to try to avoid identical messages being posted. Leafybot has a limited range of responses, so if you’ve recently asked for help it won’t repeat the information.

However, It looks like you worked this out … I noticed you earned the Certified badge for completing Leafybot’s basic user tutorial as well as the Licensed badge for the advanced user tutorial. Congrats!

I also suggest checking out the Getting Started category for more tips on formatting and interaction.


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You are right i have completed the tutorials, Thanks. :slight_smile:

Definitely will look into Getting Started category.

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