No /status page

I am in Chapter 1, Ticket: Connection
Cluster installed ok
Data is loaded in the DB (I can see it in mongo and in compass)
npm test -t mongoclient works (PASS)
npm test -t db-connection works (PASS)
npm start is ok
Accessing http://localhost:5000 works (I can see movie titles and pics)

The course then mentions: “Now proceed to the status page to run the full suite of integration tests and get your validation code.

http://localhost:5000/status returns error 404: not found.
Indeed, nothing in the Javascript code seems to be there to handle a /status/ request

Can anyone please help?

The project is using production build of react app. So we can’t look code for that.

Are you seeing this when you go to http://localhost:5000/status

If yes, then it has occurred because you went to that URL directly before it is cached. As react is single page application you need to go to that URL from home page or after it is cached.

Are you getting it when you accessing it from homepage? And is there any error in console?

@Kanika Is this project available in Github? (or) Is there any way to see the code(as it is using production build)?

The page not being in the cache was the issue.

The text of the course is very misleading, as it provides a direct link to http://localhost:5000/status instead of instructing students to go to the home page and click the “STATUS” button.


Thanks all for the report! We’ll make sure to add a route to the server so that people won’t get a “not found” error.

In answer to the other question, the code isn’t available on github yet, but we plan to make it available. There’s some work we have to do on our end.


This issue should be resolved now with a new build and any request for /status should result in being directed to the status page. For those that are already in the course this won’t make much impact but it will help future classes. Thanks!

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