No module named kmip_server

I have been trying to run the kmip and keep getting ImportError: No module named kmip_server and I have installed the pykmip module. I have tried this both on the database and infrastructure VMs. and they both reported the same errors. How can I go about debugging this?


Please indicate what Lab or Lecture you’re looking at and we’ll try to help. Good luck.

@DHz apologies for the late response, this is related to the Homework 2.6 Configure KMIP backed mongod.


So I’m guessing that you did not run the setup script ‘’ since that won’t run on ‘database’? How did you install PyKMIP and did you get any problems when you tried to do that?

You just run sudo pip install PyKMIP==0.4.0 on vagrant@infrastructure and run the as mentioned in the problem.

The also does the same, but you have to run it on infrastructure machine.

It works perfectly for me… completed the lab too.

@DHz I did run it but got the same error. So, I read through the documentation of the pykmip and found that the configuration in the is probably for an older version of pykmip as a lot of the configuration key(s) have either been removed or changed completely.


Just to be clear, you installed the specified version (0.4.0) and got an error?