Mongos connection from mongo shell


I am following through the M201 course. I can connect to my sandbox from the shell using mongo, how do I connect to a mongos session from the mongo shell. Please note that the questions is to connect to the mongos session in the cloud and not locally on my machine.

Which question? I do not recall that one? Do you have mongos in the clould? There should be no difference.


I do not think I do. I am new to MongoDB, so finding my way around the functionalities.

In chapter 2 of M201: “Lecture - Understanding explain for Sharded clusters”, I was trying to follow through and it requires to connect to the mongos. This is where I am now lost.


I think I have figured it out. I am constrained by the limitations of the Free Tier atlas DB. It seems what I am seeking to do is not possible on the Free Tier Cluster.

I will have to create my own local installation to have the freedom I require.