Mongodump using ISO date

mongodump --host=$HOST --db $DBNAME --collection $i
–query “{“updatedAt”:{”$gt":{"$date":$lasttime}}}" --out dir
writing hello.items to
2020-04-02T01:50:48.047+0530 not counting query on hello.items
2020-04-02T01:50:48.048+0530 done dumping hello.items (0 documents)
2020-04-02T01:50:48.048+0530 ending dump routine with id=0, no more work to do
2020-04-02T01:50:48.048+0530 dump phase III: the oplog
2020-04-02T01:50:48.048+0530 finishing dump

I am using this to dump my oplog based on given timestamp