Mongodb version upgrade to 3.4? mongoldap?

The mongodb version on the class vagrant installation is :

mongod --version
db version v3.2.22

so mongoldap is not available. Since the videos cover v3.4 features, the homework is a bit confusing, since we can’t use the new features and settings presented in those versions. Should we upgrade the vagrant OS version to get the latest Mongidb, or stay with v3.2.22 for the rest of the course?


Note that the lecture that talks about this has a new VM definition in the handout that will spool up a 3.4 version for you to try. For the other work and Labs, the 3.2 version will work just fine in my experience.

I do note that the MongoDB VM throws a bunch of warning and error messages on my system (Debian 8) but does start and run successfully. Hope that helps.

Thanks… I missed the additional vagrant file in the .zip!