MongoDB PHP GUI – A Web interface for MongoDB

I wrote an application (in PHP, JS, HTML and CSS) that allows you to administrate a MongoDB database via a Web browser. Project name is: MongoDB PHP GUI. It is open-source and free. Its features are:

  • Create databases and collections.
  • Create, read, (in place) update and delete documents.
  • Query with JSON or SQL. Autocompletion is available.
  • Export output to JSON.
  • Create and delete indexes.
  • Work on any device thanks to its responsive design.

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v1.0.5 introduces a new feature: You can import documents from a JSON file.

Since 1.0.6 version you can:

  • Visualize all collections in a single view.
  • Rename or drop a collection.
  • Check if a collection index is unique.

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Since 1.0.7 version, you can create and drop users.

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