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MongoDB C driver 1.17.0-beta released

I’m pleased to announce version 1.17.0-beta of libbson and libmongoc,
the libraries constituting the MongoDB C Driver.



  • Add the cmake option ENABLE_PIC to build static libraries with position independent code.


  • Deprecated “lib” prefixed artifacts are no longer produced when building on Windows.



  • Support the MONGODB-AWS authentication mechanism.
  • Support the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) for OpenSSL 1.1.0+, Secure Transport, and Secure Channel.
  • Support the “hint” option in operations using the update, replace, delete, and findAndModify commands.
  • Improve behavior for retryable writes.
  • Improve resuming behavior of change streams on server errors.
  • Remove an extra round trip for SCRAM authentication.
  • Remove restriction of 255 character collection namespaces.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix possible use of invalidated streams during an unordered OP_QUERY bulk write, and when ending many pooled sessions at client destruction.
  • Fix a crash when setting the crl_file TLS option for Secure Channel.
  • Avoid emitting duplicate ServerChanged events when no change is observed during monitoring.
  • Properly handle large SASL messages instead of erroring.


  • Deprecated “lib” prefixed artifacts are no longer produced when building on Windows.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • Kevin Albertson
  • Roberto C. Sánchez
  • Andreas Braun
  • Clyde Bazile
  • Jeremy Mikola
  • Sara Golemon
  • Jeroen Ooms
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Hello Kevin,

Would you happen to have a release date for the official/stable 1.17.0 version? We are hoping to get a critical fix for in this version.

Thanks and best regards,

Hello @Holman_Lan. We are planning to do the stable release of 1.17.0 in early June.

Thank you, Kevin, for the information!