Mongod version check

While having some trouble to solve a problem.

I just checked the version of mongod I am using.

I get version 3.2.22.

vagrant@database:~$ mongod --version
db version v3.2.22

Is this really what we are supposed to use?

Looking at:

I can see that the current version is 4.4.

Hi @Michel_Bouchet,

The current version of the MongoDB Security course is not up to date. We are working on updating the content and soon we will be launching the updated version of the course for our users.

Meanwhile, I would highly recommend you to simultaneously check MongoDB documentation for Security while you are going through the course. This will keep you updated about the recent version changes in the MongoDB in addition to clearing your concepts.
Alo, you can refer to these release notes:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,