Missing dependency when staticly linking mongoc driver ubuntu

When building my project, I am statically linking to libbson-static-1.0 and libmongoc-static-1.0, but am receiving the following errors from my build. I know this is a missing dependency on my end because of the static linking but I was wondering if anyone knew what library I am missing?

linux64_gcc5/libmongoc-static-1.0.a(mongoc-scram.c.o): In function `_mongoc_sasl_prep_impl':
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x6eb): undefined reference to `u_strFromUTF8_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x737): undefined reference to `u_strFromUTF8_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x752): undefined reference to `usprep_openByType_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x77d): undefined reference to `usprep_prepare_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x7ca): undefined reference to `usprep_prepare_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x7e8): undefined reference to `usprep_close_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x7ff): undefined reference to `u_strToUTF8_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x83e): undefined reference to `u_strToUTF8_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x8c4): undefined reference to `usprep_close_60'
mongoc-scram.c:(.text+0x921): undefined reference to `usprep_close_60'

@Thomas_Morten That is quite peculiar. Our CI tests statically linking to both libbson and libmongoc, though I am not sure what particular library might be missing here. Can you provide the complete build output leading up to this error?

I also ran into this error, but I fixed it by reinstalling the mongoc driver. I used a script to reinstall, you can find it here.