Missing Authorization Header - Ticket: Create/Update Comments

Hi. I have some problems with posting a comment to the server. I can’t send data, and have
“msg”: “Missing Authorization Header” response. Is it a bug or a feature?

Can you please elaborate more? Is it with the mflix UI or atlas or command line?

Maybe a screenshot would help as well.

It’s with mflix UI. When I click submit button on movie page, I don’t see any errors, but in the dev tools network tab I see response:
“msg”: “Missing Authorization Header”

and I don’t see new comments

And have you implemented the ticket for this?
Is it passing?

Ye, sure

def add_comment(movie_id, user, comment, date):
Inserts a comment into the comments collection, with the following fields:

- "name"
- "email"
- "movie_id"
- "text"
- "date"

Name and email must be retrieved from the "user" object.

comment_doc = {
    "name": user.name,
    "email": user.email,
    "movie_id": ObjectId(movie_id),
    "text": comment,
    "date": date

return db.comments.insert_one(comment_doc)

Myabe it’s cache problem

We can close the ticket, because problem is self-resolved

Awesome! :slight_smile: