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Migration from Cassandra to Mongo

We have lot of data in Cassandra and we need to move it to Mongo. Is there a tool I can use or how can I easily migrate the data. Some tables I need to move as it is and for some I need to make some changes in the column names. I have written a script but I think it will be slow.

Thank you,

Hi @Jason_Widener1,

I assume that you will need to write scripts or code using a driver to connect to your Cassandra cluster query data, reshape and bulk load to MongoDB databases and collections .

I noticed that Cassandra is supporting JSON format queries:

Another way might be to export data to json or csv files and load them to MongoDB , however, here reshaping might be a challenge.

However, to leverage MongoDB architecture I would suggest to verify that the data copied from Cassandra is wisely using the document model.

Verify you are not hitting any of the known antipatterns.