M310 : Homework 2.1 create users results are incorrect?

I created the users with buildin roles with results below and still incorrect. Could you please check and let me know what is wrong?


Hi @Joseph_32428, we shouldn’t really be posting potential answers on here according to forum guidelines. Suggest redacting parts of your post so you don’t spoil it for other students.

I can confirm that there’s something wrong but that’s for you to figure out. As a hint, remember to take into consideration the exceptions.

thank you the quick response. Sorry I post this into wrong place as I am new to the forum. However, the homework is not clear I think. I am also not follow your hint.

If you click on the pencil icon, you can edit your post and remove the potential answer :slight_smile:

What I mean is there’s a built-in role that is failing the “Cannot” part.

thanks for the hint. I created the dbAdmin user with a role only having the createCollection priv, without insert at 1st try… However it failed. After that I reviewed the builtin role for the dbAdmin, it does not have insert. After that, it still incorrect. Last chance for me now. I have to review all 4 users, 4 roles and see if anything wrong.

I would suggest this homework has answers for less users, like 1 check for 1 users. That would help trainees to learn which one is wrong. This current method, after failed 3 times, I still don’t know which one is correct.

You can see the Detailed Answer after each lab. Compare it with what you have and you’ll see the mistake:

Hi @Joseph_32428,

One more hint that I can give is check for sysAdmin role, rest looks good to me in your first post.


Thank you very much for this. It helps a lot. passed this one.
Appreciate it!

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