M310: Final Exam Question 5

Hi. I have already failed one question on the final exam, so I cannot fail anymore. And I already have one strike on Q5, and would like to have my choices reviewed - would like at least a hint to where my reasoning is wrong so I have a chance to pass it.

Can I post my answers and why I picked them here? Don’t want to do anything not allowed here!

Can anyone help with this?

You are putting too much emphasis on your final score. Nobody will see your exact percentage. You will pass or fail. If you fail you may retake the course.

OK - did my best, but failed this question. The last answer does not seem right - “MONGODB-CR still exists in MongoDB only for backwards compatibility reasons.” The correct answer according to the exam was YES, but in the docs it says:

If your deployment has user credentials stored in MONGODB-CR schema, you must upgrade to Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) before you upgrade to version 4.0.

Doesn’t that mean that `MONGODB-CR’ is not even available in V4.0 even for backward support???