M301: Homework 1.2: Not able to connect Mongod: exception: connect failed

Hello Guys,

All of a sudden I am not able to connect mongo shell.

Not understnding whats the exact issue why it not connecting anywhere.


You posted this question under Basic Cluster Administration, however, this is for the Security course. Please confirm this is correct?

And I believe you’re already getting some help on this issue in another thread.

Yes Jb correct. Apologies I will edit it the topic

It’s probably better to use one thread. We can all see the threads. I’ll add a comment in your other thread.

Thanks alot for your valuable feedback:)

Much appreciated 000_jb

I’ve left a comment :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I destroyed both the machines to start everything fresh. Still getting the below error,

Please respond on the other thread so that everywhere is aware of your progress.

What should I respond ? I am not able to connect to mongod

I mean you should put this —>

on the other thread:

Hi @007_jb can you help on this ?

I am able to see setup-hw-1.2.sh file, but not able to run any mongo command.
Getting output as mongo is not installed, like the above shared snap

I am able to view all the contents in a file.

It’s the same advice that I was giving in your other Security thread. It’s also the same problem too.
We can continue on that thread since we have more people helping.

Suggest you close this thread.