M220J Paging Ticket

Hi Kushagra,
I’ve a problem with M220j Ticket: Paging.
I can’t pass the PagingTest.java

Here is the error:

org.junit.ComparisonFailure: Expected title field does match: Please check your getMoviesByGenre() movies sort order.
Expected :Only the Dead
Actual :Wolf Hall

Looking at the parameter passed to the method by the test, I have tried this filter on compass.
filter: {
genres: {
$in: [
sort: {
‘tomatoes.viewer.numReviews’: -1
skip: 980,
limit: 20

The result shows as the first movie “Wolf Hall”, while the Expected “Only the Dead” is the third.

Here below, my java code.

public List<Document> getMoviesByGenre(String sortKey, int limit, int skip, String... genres) {
    // query filter
    Bson castFilter = Filters.in("genres", genres);
    // sort key
    Bson sort = Sorts.descending(sortKey);
    List<Document> movies = new ArrayList<>();
    // TODO > Ticket: Paging - implement the necessary cursor methods to support simple
    // pagination like skip and limit in the code below

    return movies;

Can you explain to me, what is wrong with it?

Thanks for the attention.

Hi Roberto,
Can you get the ticket? if you do, just carry on.
for more information about this issue check: