M103: Vagrant Install vs Standard OS Install

Finally got to starting today and configuring Vagrant on CentOS 7 .
Not sure why Ubuntu installed version 14, but decided to upgrade to 16.
Also, MongoDB was not installed either, so installing that too.
Perhaps I should have just installed Mongo on CentOS server and use it like a real install and skipped the Vagrant stuff.
See how it goes , if it blows up , I’ll just revert back to that …
Second time through this course and Im running behind again …

Hi @mapleleafnj,

You need to install VirtualBox and Vagrant for this course. Moreover, vagrant box will have all the dependencies installed for completing the course.

So you can follow Lecture: Installing Vagrant and if you face any issues, please share the screenshot of the error message.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.